Getting Help

Getting help from a psychologist is an act of courage. You may have struggled on your own for years, or recently discovered your need for help. Either way, partnering with a licensed psychologist is a great first step.

Entrusting yourself and your feelings to another person is not easy. People sometimes worry they won’t find the help or understanding they need. Some fear being judged and made to feel worse. And yet, the experience of talking to a qualified professional has been shown to be helpful to many.

Years before the advent of psychotherapy, a young woman met with her doctor over many occasions. Gradually, she noticed that she began to feel better and do better. During one such meeting, she suddenly looked up and exclaimed, “I know what this is! This is the ‘talking cure!’” And so it was.

There’s something helpful about talking to a well-trained professional.



As you begin therapy, you and Dr. Cutler can decide upon what goals you might like to pursue. Perhaps you may want to overcome feelings of hopelessness associated with depression. Or maybe you would like to control a fear that disrupts your daily life. Keep in mind that certain therapies require more time to work through than others.

Ludwig Wittgenstein – a philosopher – once said, “I have words for all I know.” He realized that if he couldn’t put something into words he really didn’t know it. Finding words for one’s thoughts and feelings is clarifying and expanding. Words not only convey meaning, they also help to contain and render feelings more manageable. Words cut feelings down to size and prepare the way for effective action.

Dr. Cutler’s goal will be to help you find words for your thoughts and feelings, assist you in understanding yourself in deeper ways, and aid you in discovering the answers you need.